Workshop IEEE ISMAR 2017

VR and AR meet Creative Industries

October 13th, Nantes, France

The recent development of consumer grade VR/AR technologies have pushed many creative companies and artists to create new VR and AR experiences, exploring new interactions, new creative content and new environments. It is, thus, time to mix creative and technological viewpoints to share common understandings and lessons to provide better experiences for the final users. In this context, the workshop aims to foster participation of artists and designers as humanities scientists (philosophy, literature, etc.) to meet up with usual ISMAR attendance.

Organizing committee

  • Jacques Gilbert (L'AMo, Université de Nantes, France)
  • Carola Moujan (Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts Tours Angers Le Mans, France)
  • Toinon Vigier (LS2N, Université de Nantes, France)


For any question, please send a mail at toinon.vigier [at]

This workshop is supported by the regional cluster for Cultural and Creative Industries.